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Let Internet Enhancement help you build a stronger, more prominent business!

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The Business development began in 2013 after CEO Marvin Matejka found that most small businesses needed help to improve their position on the internet, Google, Bing, etc.  Cell phones have changed the market.  The phone book is fast becoming obsolete.  We show you how to improve Google ranking and online presence.  We help you increase internet visibility and build a strong web presence.  We improve website performance and your position on the internet so you can realize dominance in ranking and visibility with our SEO services.


Business owners feel they know their customers but they need exposure for the person who just moved in or the old customer who can’t find their phone number.  A high percentage of these people will go to their computer first.  Businesses need to have their name and number to pop up under various categories.  The internet is the new phone book.


The company acts as your Low Cost SEO consultant to assure you get the best web exposure possible.  Internet Enhancement specializes in helping small business concerns.  Internet Enhancement constantly evaluates and helps ensure they have a strong presence on the web.  Nearly every small business can benefit from our services.  We become your mentor to improve your position on the Internet and achieve dominance in ranking providing more hits to your website.


Internet Enhancement is owned by PLAZA 24/7 INVESTMENTS, INC. which is a privately held Wisconsin Corporation in good standing since its development in 1983.

The Internet is your silent salesman, who works 24/7 and gets paid nothing. You must maximize his abilities.  You can find yourself on the internet but plug in your services and the zipcode for a nearby town and you likely are not there. We can help with that, and improve your exposure by 5 times.

This is only one of the things Internet Enhancement can help with.

We answer questions like...

   How can Internet Enhancement make my website work better?

   How to improve our Google Ranking?

   How can Internet Enhancement optimize my website?

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