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​Following are case studies that should assist you to make your website deliver results. Examples make for easier understanding of what it takes for more hits to your website resulting in more traffic, more customers, more business, and more buyers for your site.

A company that builds church pews referred to “church pews” as “pews”.  They mentioned “pews” 22 times in their website but only mentioned “church pews” once.  This gave them strength for “Pews” but no strength for the more common search for “church pews”.  Changing “pews” to “church pews” gives strength for searches for “church pews” for “church” and for “pews”.  We made several other recommendations for this company.

​A concrete contractor who spans a 200 mile radius said their website did not draw traffic. Their website included a lot about concrete and had photos of completed projects.  If someone was looking for a concrete contractor they would probably search “concrete contractor near ____”.  The website did not use the words concrete, contractor, or near. An example for wording within their website could be:  If you need a concrete contractor near Albany or Georgetown we have service for that area.  We recommended they show major towns serviced in the website and keywords.  We had several other recommendations for this company.

A realty company failed to include their hometown in their keywords.  Essentially they had a website that competed nationally and did not show up when someone searched for local real estate agents.  The only way you could get the website to come up was if you already knew the name of the firm.  Their site was lost in the internet sea.  We had several other recommendations for this company.

​A sports bar mentioned “ sports bar” only once in their website and did not use “sports bar” in any page titles or Meta tags.  They did not show up in a search for “sports bar” in their own community.  They also had all their previous holiday menus in their site dating back 6 years.  We recommended no dated material older than 6 months as fresh content is important to ranking. We had several other recommendations for this company.

An attorney firm specialized in personal injury claims yet did not have a page or pages specific to that with keywords to rank for that subject.  An example of a settled case contained a date that was several years old.  We recommended that specific  pages and key phrases be developed and that the date of the example be removed and fresh content added.  We had several other recommendations for this firm.

An engineering firm said they saw little or no traffic from their website.  They specialized in designing commercial buildings like churches and schools.  They had a nice website with pictures of completed projects etc.  They did not have within their website key phrases that someone might search like “build a school” or “design a church”.  Their keywords like church and school had to compete with anything related to church and school.   We had other recommendations as well.

An insurance company felt their website brought in only a small amount of business.   Their website included good pictures of staff and facilities but was very limited on content related to the different types of insurance they offered.  We recommended a page for each type of insurance along with several other types of recommendations including the development of key phrases someone might search for like “low cost auto insurance” and  “insurance quote for my business” etc.

A computer repair company said their website was ineffective.  They used their business name for each page title.  Page titles need to be rich in keywords.  Those keywords need to be included in the material on the page.  A page title that is not relevant to the page could cause your site to be considered spam.

A landscape and excavation contractor went to using a cell phone with a different number for his business 6 years ago.  His new phone number did not show up on the internet giving him zero internet exposure.  Some customers thought he had gone out of business because the number they found was disconnected.  Getting information corrected on the internet can take several hours and lots of patience.

Although A Harley Davidson dealer paid a significant amount for development of their website we found that another Harley Davidson dealer was showing up in searches within their trade area.  When we compared the 2 websites we found that the other dealer had a lot more depth of content in their website and stronger localization and made recommendations accordingly.

​A campground between two communities had their website localized for the town that was their address.  When a searcher was looking for a campground near their town their name came up but when a searcher searched for a campground near the town 8 miles on the other side of them their name did not come up.  This campground offers kayaking yet they did not show up on a search for kayaking for their state.

A filter company we will call Filter XXX has been marketing oil and air filters for years.  When we offered our services the owner said he had a webmaster with 10 years experience and did not need our help.  It is not unusual for a 10 year webmaster to be in a rut.  When we searched “Filter XXX” their site came up with a site next to them with the words “Don’t buy outdated filters from Filter XXX”.  When we searched for filter products it was difficult to get the site to come up.

Our recommendations would have been as follows.     
1)   Have a satisfaction guarantee page with a large button on the home page as well as recommendations to deal with the complaint.     
2)   More use of brand names with pages dedicated to brand names.     
3)   Use of phrases  like “low cost filters”, “quality filters”, “brand name filters” etc. in the content as well as keywords.   
4)   Create an “about us” page to give the site some personality and assurance the site will be around awhile.  Those potential customers who care will visit the page.     
​5)   Page titles need to include more keywords. There would be several other recommendations we would make to get this site more hits per day.

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