Creative writing and creative website content writing are similar but have important differences involving the goals to achieve.   With creative writing you stimulate the readers imagination with descriptive phrases, adjectives and adverbs.  Creative writing alone does not bring more business to  a website.  The most important difference is that using words and phrases that might be used in an actual search will bring more website visitors.  For example:  If you sell widgets the phrase "We sell widgets" is not as 
effective as the phrase "if you say I want to buy a widget"  we  are widget sellers of all colors.   The difference is that someone looking for widgets will not search for "We sell widgets" but instead might search "I want to buy a widget" or "widget sellers".   Your website then contains exact content that was searched for.  

Descriptive words like low cost and affordable are words that half of the population is interested in yet they are absent from most websites.  Dealers and contractors usually omit the word "near" from their content yet it is used in a lot of searches such as "Watkins dealer near Maple Grove, MN" or "Plumber near Forestville, IA".  You must first think of the words the searcher might use and then you need to use those words in a creative way.  The creative part comes in when you use searched words and phrases but still make your website read smoothly in an appealing way.  Keep in mind that the new viewer to your website is scanning quickly until you get their attention so at least to begin with clear and concise will trump glamorous in stimulation of their imagination.


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