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Why is your competition beating you? Are they getting more visitors and potential buyers to their site? Do they draw more traffic and business because their website is better? If you ask:  How do I make my website draw more customers?  One important thing you may need to do is to evaluate your competition.  If you are fighting your way to the first position on particular searches you need to evaluate why your competition is beating you.

1)  Does your competition have a longer history in the business than you do?  If they do that’s a plus for them but you need to work even harder to find their weaknesses. 

2)  Does your competition have strong search words in their domain name?  Again this is not a show stopper but you may have to work a little harder.

3)  If your competition is ahead of you for a popular search try to determine why they out rank you.  You can check their page titles and meta description by clicking to the far right of their page, then click page source. Look for the title >-----</title. The words between the words "title" are the page title. This information may be helpful in creating your own page titles and meta tags.

4)  For the searched words does your competition have more depth of content than you do?  Do they use the searched words more in their content than you do?

5)  Does your competition have more pages than you do?  With everything else equal this could be a ranking factor.

6)  Does your competition have more inbound links than you do?  If so you need to work on link building.

​7)  Does your competition come up for first person searches?   For an example “ fix my widget” might be a popular search.   If your competition says “ we fix widgets” you can get ahead of them with “fix my widget”  as no one will use the search words “we fix widgets”. The words closest to the search query will get preference. You might have to be a little creative with wording in your site.  For example you might say: ”If you are saying fix my widget" we have the expertise to help you.  We try to use the words “my website” or “our website” instead of your website because you would not use “your website” in a search for our services.

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Make My Website Draw More Customers