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ABC's of A Strong Website

FREE Search Engine Optimization of  a Website

If you ask how can I get FREE optimization of a website? You  can use the material in our Free information pages. This will help you SEO a website for FREE by doing it yourself. ABC’s of a Strong Website:

A.)  Strong content. Content is key when it comes to competing with other websites.

B.)  Strong Page Titles. Next to content strong page titles will help bring customers to your site. Your page titles should use good keywords and reflect the content of the page ( see our page on page titles )

​C.)  About Us. A web page “About Us” is important to trust on your website.  Some of your potential customers will be interested in who you really are and how long you have been in business, etc.  For the potential customers who don’t really care, this page has no down side.

D.)  Testimonial Page. A testimonial or recently completed projects page will provide added trust for your site.

E.)  FAQ. This page can give you an opportunity to list key phrases in your keywords just as a customer might enter those questions in a search. A page titled Frequently Asked Questions helps build trust and gets your potential customer ready to order.

F.)  Pictures. Pictures are great for content of a website but a web crawler will not crawl your picture.  You must include a description of your picture for the web crawler.  Good keywords in that description are helpful.  Adding alt: with a description where the pictures will be, will help your website.  Especially for those that set their smart phones to DO NOT DOWNLOAD PICTURES OR BACKGROUNDS.

G.)  Internal Links. Be sure each of your webpages are linked to all of your other pages, so that navigation is easy from anywhere in your site.

H.)  Call to action. A strong call to action is important.  Consider putting an enroll now or buy now button on every page.

I.)  Inbound Links.  Inbound Links are especially important if you need national ranking.  ( see our page on links )

​J)  DMOZ Registration. Registration with DMOZ can affect your ranking especially if you desire national ranking.  DMOZ uses volunteers who evaluate websites.  It can take 6 months or more to receive an evaluation after you register with DMOZ.

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