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Your Home Page will in many cases be the first thing your customers sees.  You must grab their attention with in seconds or they are gone.  Following are our recommendations for Home Page layout.

1. At first glance the viewer should see a summary of what you or your website is about.
2. Use of color and highlighting is important.
3. Do Not Use flash designs for your "Home Page".  Basic simplicity is important for the home page.
4. Links to other pages should be down the left side or across the top as some viewers might leave before they get to the bottom of the page and not realize you have more to offer.
5. Do include an "About Us Page".  Some will not care to visit that page but there are some who would like to know who they are dealing with and how long they have been in business.  There is no downside to having this page only upsides.
6. Do include a website "FAQ Page".  This page can immediately answer common questions and will continue to hold the viewers attention.

7. Do include a "Why Choose Us Page".  For most any business there is no shortage of competition.  With this page you can separate yourself from the competition.
8. Include a "Website Call to Action on your Home Page" as well as every other page in the form of a "Buy Now"or "Enroll Now" button, etc.  Some viewers are ready to act because they have been to your website before or it has been recommended by so
meone else. 
9. Your page title should be as dynamic as you can make it while staying under 55 characters.
  Unless rich in key words your business name should be the last thing in your homepage title.  The most important searched words should be first in your 
homepage title.  For example a good page title might be; Widgets | Buy | Sell | Repair | ABC Industrial Company.  An example of a poor home page title would be ABC Industrial Company | We sell Widgets.  In this example the most important searched word "widgets" is last and no one will search for we sell widgets.  It is all to common to see home page titles, like Welcome to ABC 
Industrial Company.  When any search engine gets a query it first searches for relevant page titles, and secondly the information on that page to find relevancy.  Without a good page title you are lost in the internet sea.
10. Testimonials, give your website homepage strength by having a link to a testimonial page.
11. Credentials, A link on your homepage to a page with any credentials you can provide will add more strength.
12. Include a guarantee if possible.
13. Include free information if possible this will give credibility to your website and give viewers a reason to return to your website or recommend it to friends.
14. Eye Catcher, an eye catcher is important to hold the attention of your potential customers.  The best eye catcher for decades has been to give something of value free.  Some examples are free estimates, free information, free plans, free comparisons, free book etc.  Imagine two ads in a newspaper side by side for a deck builder.  They might both offer free estimates but you are more likely to call the one highlighting free estimates.  You will note that this website has FREE SEO Information pages as its eye catcher.
15. Keep it simple.  In a study by Google in August of 2012 researchers found that not only will users judge websites as beautiful or not within 1/50th  - 1/20th of a second but also that "Visually Complex" websites are consistently rated as less beautiful than their simpler counterparts.  Moreover, "highly proto typical sites" - those with layout commonly associated with sites of it's category - with simple visual design were rated as the most beautiful across the board."  In other words the study found the simpler the design, the better.

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