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Small Business SEO Services

Our mission is low cost and affordable search engine optimization or SEO for Small Business.  

​Search for Search Engine optimization or SEO and you will find one SEO Company after another wanting your business.  SEO company ads for SEO Service have to raise a question.  

​Why shouldn't you buy ads like they do instead of stepping up their search engine optimization or SEO of their own site?

We maintain that if you have proper SEO you won't need the paid Ads.  

​We guarantee we will make your website work better.

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Affordable SEO Service

If you have trouble purchasing while we are doing a payment system upgrade, please call us.  715.284.7879
We will gladly help and take the payment over the phone.

​**Due to other business interests, we will be closing this site. 
​Questions/Concerns please call 608.864.0624.  Thank you.**

  • The cost for our service is about the price of a newspaper ad, but Internet Enhancement works all year long.

  • People don't go to the phone book today for services they go to their computer or their phone etc.  You must maximize your exposure on the web.

  • The internet is your silent salesman who works 24/7 and gets paid nothing you must maximize his abilities.

  • 95% of existing websites need improvement in their ability to draw traffic.  Internet Enhancement is there to help.  Internet Enhancement guarantees your satisfaction.

  • Even if you don't have a website Internet Enhancement can still help.

  • We provide a satisfaction guarantee for our SEO services, we provide affordable SEO Mentoring that is effective.

Internet Enhancement provides a variety of SEO services.

It is our business to be your SEO Mentor.

 Internet Enhancement is  dedicated to your SEO needs.

**Due to other business interests, we will be closing this site.
​Questions/Concerns please call 608.864.0624.  Thank you.**

Internet Enhancement 
Affordable SEO Mentoring Services / Mentor Service

  Internet Enhancement provides low cost affordable SEO Mentor Service.  Internet Enhancement ​does not build websites, we deliver on the request "Make my Website work better."