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There is an old saying in business.  “If you start a new business that you know nothing about you would be better off being closed the first year and learn the expensive lessons you will learn.”  An exception to this rule is having a mentor.  If you don’t have a mentor for that new business don’t be afraid to find one and pay the price.  Going it alone can cost you more.

​When you are deciding how to improve search engine optimization having a mentor should be a consideration.  Your mentor for your website needs to be someone who has already achieved the ranking you are trying to achieve.

There are thousands of companies ready to help you improve your websites success. Many of them want to dazzle and confuse you so that you spend thousands of dollars on their services. Some say they will help you for as little as $39 per hour then proceed to obligate you for 30 hours or more per month for a 3 month period or more. Saying yes will cost you $3000 or more and there is no satisfaction guarantee. The SEO industy is plagued with poor advise and greed. The truth is that if you already have a website you only need a limited amount of advice to get you on the right track with your website. A few minutes here and there of good advice by a low cost and affordable SEO coach or adviser is all you or your webmaster needs to keep your website fine tuned for attracting business.

Internet Enhancement stands ready to mentor you to keep your site optimized now and into the future for a very low cost.  We'll help you improve web prominence and search results. If you don’t want to go it alone or if time is money then you need a mentor or someone like us. Visit our testimonial pages.

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How To Improve Search Engine Optimization