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What is a good link?  There is a lot of talk these days about links to your website being important to ranking and website traffic. First of all if you are a local business with local traffic links are of much less importance.  You may only have a few competitors in your town and in each of your surrounding communities.  This means that your rank will most likely be determined by strength of content.  If you are after national ranking and you say “Make my website show on Google” you not only need strong content but you also need quality links.

If you have amazing content and a wealth of information for your field you will have other websites linking to your site.  These are the best links you can get.  On a national level imagine the competition for the top spot for a particular search.  Sometimes its dozens or thousands of competitors.  Google sorts it all out to bring the best search results possible to the searcher.

​The use of link farms and random link trading will not be beneficial to your website or our website.  Imagine someone clicking on a link that does not relate to your site.  They will consider that a bad experience and may not go back to your site.  The robot crawler that crawls your site for Google is looking for relevant content in your site and relevant content in links.  A link from a long established business that relates to your site as in having keywords in common can be very valuable.

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Make my website show on Google!

What is a good link?




Make My Website Show On Google 

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