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If you want to know how to "make my website function better" the following should be of significant assistance.  If you want your website to rank nationally for certain keywords you will find that to be far more difficult than being in first position in a local community.  You compete against hundreds or even thousands.  Although Google considers about 200 ranking factors the following are what we deem the most important to begin with.

​1)   WEBSITE CONTENT:  A robot will crawl & catalog the important words of your site.  First you need content that is of interest to your potential customers.  Secondly you need to structure that content in a way that makes your site the one with the most depth in the searched phrase.  Imagine a search for “white winged widgets”.  If you have a page on “white winged widgets” with a dialogue mentioning “white winged widgets” several times there is a good chance your site may rank #1 for that search.  There is likely much less competition for “white winged widgets” than the term “widget”.  To rank #1 for “widget” may take considerable time and effort.

2) WEBSITE SEO: Well designed title tags and placement of keywords and phrases in the website are critical for National Ranking. You need to find those phrases you can rank for. In the beginning you will find it easier to rank for longer phrases. Once you find phrases that work move on to finding related phrases that can work by adding additional descriptive words to your content. Try to find something that works for every page on your website. Sometimes a page won't work because your words are stuck in high traffic with short phrases. There is not always one best answer but you must continue until you are on page one on Google for at least several phrases.

3)  TIME ON THE WEB:  Search engines aren’t anxious to put you in first place until you have been around awhile.  They want to make sure your site does not contain spam and will not be here today and gone tomorrow.  Your website age and length of your domain registration are important factors.  A site containing spam will likely sign up for the shortest domain time possible.  Signing up for 5 years or more tells the search engine you plan to be around for a while.

4)  LINKS:  You should have good internal linking between all your pages and you should have no broken links.  As your content gets noticed and respected you should find other related sites linking to your site.  Good inbound links show the search engines that your content is trusted and respected.  Random link trading is not recommended.  A link with a pornographic site would likely drop your rank or get you blacklisted.  You need true and genuine links that relate to your content and have some keywords in common.

​5)  DMOZ  REGISTRATION:  DMOZ registration is important to ranking.  DMOZ is an organization that is staffed by volunteers.  They will actually go to your site and do an evaluation.  Search engines consider a favorable evaluation by DMOZ as important relevance to a legitimate site.  This item alone could take 6 months or more to benefit your site

6)  TRAFFIC BUILDERS:  Consider providing something of value FREE related to your business that will bring extra traffic and links to your site.  As an example we offer FREE information pages to help bring traffic to our site.  When you offer something of value FREE be sure to add, IF YOU LIKE THIS ..... LIKE US ON FACEBOOK.

7)  PAGE COUNT:  The number of pages on a website is a ranking factor.  With other factors equal a site with 15 pages of good content will out rank a site with 3 pages.  A site with 3 pages of good content is king.

8)  CONTACT INFORMATION:  For National Ranking you do not want contact information in your keywords.  Listing of Towns, City's, or States in your keywords will detract from National ranking.

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