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Internet Enhancement welcomes you to our Web site and appreciate you taking the time to explore the services and products that we have to offer.  In doing so, Internet Enhancement values the trust you place in us, and Internet Enhancement especially respects your privacy.  Internet Enhancement is committed to protecting your financial and personal information, and therefore collects no personal identifying information about visitors to our site, unless submitted by them through the Contact Us page or other online forms.


When you submit personally identifying information via our Contact Us page, the information is encrypted, or securely “scrambled”, before it is transmitted.  This effectively prevents anyone from intercepting and reading any personal information.  Please note, however, that this encryption does not take place if you send the blank e-mail.  E-mail
is inherently not secure.  For this reason never send confidential information via e-mail or any other unsecured
manner as it greatly increases your chance of falling victim to identity theft.  If you wish to communicate confidential information, you may use our secured SSL page.


Once received, any personal information is kept confidential and handled as stated in the guidelines of our Privacy Disclosure Policy.


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Internet Enhancement does not guarantee the authenticity of documents on the Internet.  Links to other sites do not
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