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​​Small Business Search Engine Optimization is certainly a mouth full but Small Business Search Engine Optimization is at the heart of small business success in today's world and tomorrow's world.  The internet is the world's most important phone book.  The most affordable Small Business Search Engine Optimization is in the form of mentoring.  Mentoring provides periodic advise to keep a website in tune with evolving small business SEO for nominal fees.  Search for low cost Small Business SEO Mentor or Affordable Small Business SEO Mentor and compare rates for those that are high in the rankings.  You likely don't want someone to help you that does not make the first page for their own website in your search.

Low cost Small Business Search Engine Optimization can be the best advertising investment a small business can make.  Low cost Small Business SEO works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  If you have a website company that provides your website it is likely in your best interest to have an SEO mentor or SEO consulting company to be sure you are getting first page results, not just for your company name but for the products or services you provide in a variety of ways that a potential customer might search.  A SEO Mentor or SEO consulting company along with a website developer will provide a system of checks and balances to get the best results possible.  Again low cost Small Business SEO is at the heart of success for nearly all Small Businesses.

We offer low cost affordable SEO Services for small business.

We can be your small business SEO Mentor.  ​Optimizing your website for a small business is usually a little different in that most small businesses have a target market of under a 200 mile radius.  For local marketing you need to target the communities you serve.  Most small businesses do poorly at localizing their website.  Their name may only come up for keywords for their home town and not nearby communities.  Listing those communities in your keywords will give you strength in searches.  Adding those communities in your website pages will give you added strength.  If you still struggle to get to first place you can have a page dedicated to the community you are having trouble ranking in.

​You can do a search for your products using a town name and then a search using the zip code.  In general town names and zip codes are interchangeable.  If you find that this affects your ranking with a competitor you may want use both town name and zip code.

One of the most important parts of Small Business Search Engine Optimization is effective content writing that presents keywords in a manner that is search engine friendly but also results in compelling content, to draw your visitors interest.

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