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​​​​​​Have you done the right things but still feel you need website enhancement to make your site  more effective to draw more customers?    Ask yourself the following key questions:

1)  Have you included words and phrases in your site and keywords that someone would use to search for the products or services you provide? 
2)   Have you used the most important words and phrases in your page titles?
3)   Do you provide information for your craft that would be helpful enough to someone that they might recommend your site to others?
4)   Have you optimized your site for smart phones?
5)   Etc. Etc.
Website enhancement is  an evolving process dependent on Google and the efforts of your competition.  You will do well to have an outside mentor to keep you and your website specialist, or website company on track.
Search for low cost SEO mentor or affordable SEO mentor and we’ll be on page one.  That’s proof positive that we know how to put your website on page one for the searches that matter whether you need local or national recognition.

For a couple hundred dollars per year you can get a complete website evaluation plus have an expert look at your site quarterly for recommended changes to keep up with your competition and Google.   We offer low cost SEO services with a 100 per cent money back guarantee.   Whether you choose us or someone else with whom you can verify ability, one new customer can pay for that service.
With an SEO mentor you receive the benefit of someone who has had experience with sites like yours.   They can share the ideas that work for others.

Fine tuning involves the little things that work best with Google since the majority of searches are made thru Google and many fine tuning items that work with Google will work with other search engines as well.    First it is important to understand what Google is  trying to achieve.  They want to deliver the best search results possible.  Second you must understand that Google is not totally consistent. If you search “Make our house smell good” Google will not accept it and will change your search to “Make your house smell good”.  Yet I don’t want your house to smell good, I want our house to smell good.  Most searches ( like  “Make my house smell good”) are accepted the way you entered them so usually you have to think in terms of the way searches will be entered.

You would think that if Google searches first for relevant  page titles that a page titled “Green wedge shaped widgets” would bring you to first place in a search for “Green  wedge shaped widgets” but Google would like to pick the word widget from your page title and all of the searched words including widget  from your content.  The words in exact order would be first choice but words  in another  sentence would still be helpful.   This assures that not only is your page relevant but the content is also relevant to the search.   Changing or adding one word in the searched phrase can bring a whole different order of results.   Likewise changing or adding one word in your narrative can bring you to first place for a particular search.

In fine tuning you can analyze the phrases that are working for you.  If your website comes up for “Green  wedge shaped widgets”  but not for “Yellow wedge shaped widgets” then you can try to find a way to add the word yellow to your narrative such as we have them in yellow and brown.  Sometimes it is difficult to  add all the words to your narrative that you would like.  Do not sacrifice the natural flow of your narrative to get special words in.  Consider dividing your subject matter and adding another page to get all the words in smoothly yet avoiding duplicate content.

It is interesting to make a search for most anything.  Then go to page 10  or 25 and actually take a look at the websites that come up.  You will find that many of those sites were designed by web designers who charged a significant price for their services yet the sites are not properly optimized.  Right click on the home page body, then click “view page source”.    Then look for <title>  -------------<title> which indicates the page title.  So often the title is poorly structured.   I know of a small bank that decided to spend $40,000 on a new website because their site did not come up well in searches.   All of their pages were titled  “Welcome to Union Bank”.    Page titles are one of the most important elements used by web crawlers to fulfill a search.  Twenty minutes of computer time could have made their site respond 5 times better.   See our information page on What is a good page title?

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