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Good key phrases are important when you ask:
“How do I improve online visibility and improve website performance?” What is a good key phrase?  A good key phrase is not necessarily the best phrase that describes your business.  It is instead the most likely phrase someone might use to search for what you offer.  That best phrase might likely be one that separates you from your competition such as one that includes a brand name or commercial vs. residential etc.

​A good key phrase has more than 2 words.  Longer phrases are often referred to as long tail phrases.  If “widgets” is a keyword for your business then “long widgets” is a key phrase and “long blue widgets” is a better key phrase.  “Long blue wedge shaped widgets” would be an even better search phrase.  That phrase will rank for widgets, for  shaped widgets, for wedge shaped widgets, for blue wedge shaped widgets, and for long blue wedge shaped widgets.  As you can see long tail phrases are better than 2 word phrases.

​If you are trying to rank nationally a good key phrase might be one that ranks you ahead of others.  Often the most popular phrase has too much competition on a national basis for a newer site to rank.  You need to be creative in finding less popular or more descriptive phrases that separate you from others.  As you begin to get some rank you can evaluate your competition to see why they rank ahead of you and try to make adjustments accordingly.

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How do I improve online visibility?