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What is a good keyword?

What is a good keyword?  Good keywords are not always as you might first think of them.  First you must stop looking at keywords from your own perspective and start looking at them from your customers prospective.  In other words what language will a prospective customer use in looking for the kinds of things you offer?  In your site you might logically say “we sell widgets” but a prospective customer would never search for “we sell widgets”.  They might more logically search for “I want to buy a widget”.  Your narrative then should include something like:  If you say “I want to buy a widget” we have red ones and green ones.  Then you need to consider what other search words they might use and develop those in your site as well.  If a word is a good word relative to your business but a searcher would not use it then it is not a good keyword.

The word free is usually a good keyword.  There are free estimates, free evaluation, and  free comparison etc.

The word near is often overlooked as a keyword.  Someone might search for a “supper club near any town” or a “plumber near any town”.

Low cost and affordable are words that half the population is interested in.  If you are selling anything these words should be in your narrative and your keywords.

​Quality words like “experienced”, “valuable”, “quality”, and “efficient” may be good keywords for your site.  Think in terms of how a potential customer will search for what you have?

​Words in the first person are often over looked.  If you are selling tires you might think that “Make your tires wear longer” is a good phrase yet in fact more people would search “Make my tires wear longer”   So the word “my” is a much stronger keyword than the word “your”.

How many Keywords are allowed?  Google seems to rule the search world.  Current Google guidelines allow up to 15 keywords or key phrases per page with no limit on the overall number of keywords on a site.  

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