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You are not alone when you wonder “How do I make my website easier to find and reach more customers?”  Page titles are one of the most important items when optimizing your website. Imagine a web crawler indexing sites to accommodate a search for “white winged widgets”. Certainly if someone has “white winged widgets” in their keywords and their narrative they would be given some priority.  If they have a page titled “white winged widgets” they will get more priority. Here are our basic recommendations for page titles.  

1) Use the most important words first.

2)  Do not repeat words if possible.   

3)  Use pipes to separate words that are not a phrase.   

4)  Do not use your business name in page titles except for your home page and then do not use it as the first part of your page title unless it has strong keywords.   

5)  Use unique titles for each page. Duplicate page titles cause duplicate content issues.   

6)  Use targeted keywords in your title. Use key phrases if possible.   

7)   Make sure your title reflects the content of your page.   

​8)   Consider titles that are unique.  Often being #1 for a mid traffic phrase is better than being #23 for a high traffic word especially if you need national ranking.

9)  Your home page will have the most power to propel you to 1st place primarily because it has the most links to it as you should link all your pages to it, and incoming links will likely link to your home page.  Make sure you have the most important keywords in your title and that the most important words are first.  By important we mean the most likely to be searched for.  If you sell widgets a good home page title might be Widgets | Manufacture | Repair | ABC Widget Co.  A poor example would be ACE Industries | We sell Widgets.  In the second example widgets is the only important word in the title and it is last.  In addition no one is likely to search for "we sell widgets".

One of the easiest things you can do to optimize a web page is to write a better title for it.

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What is a good page title?                

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