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Can a business name bring more business to my website? Customer traffic is influenced by a business name thereby improving visitors and buyers for your product or service.  Names of businesses are sometimes interesting.  A name sometimes tells a lot about a business like location, products offered or an indication of a quality business.

A name like Houston Electric of Houston, Minn. helps the potential customer to understand location and products offered.  A name like Quality Liquid Feeds describes the product and signals a quality product.  Businesses like American Meats and U. S Beef enjoy significant export business because a common search from a foreign country is likely “American Meat” or U.S. Beef and their name comes up first.  Some businesses have names that do not tell you much but have developed a reputation over time like Mc Donalds and Hardies etc.

Some of the most interesting names to me are those that create their own uphill battle like Road Kill Café,  Upchuck Bar & Grill, and  Detox Saloon etc. These names don’t suggest a positive experience.

In regard to internet marketing you may want to see if there is a .com name available with strong keywords. For example a name like concrete could pay dividends but it is taken.  You can use your initials and probably get a domain like concrete contractor

​The answer to the question, “can the right name bring more business to my website? is a resounding yes.  Keywords in a name do count. If you are heavily invested in a name that does not include keywords you will have to work a little harder to get the same results.

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Bring More Business To My Website

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Bring More Business To My Website